Circuit Board Assembly

The core service of BBM Inc. is the assembly of circuit boards. The production is designed around a progressive single piece flow process utilizing lean manufacturing techniques. The lean concept boils down to eliminating waste. Typically, a circuit board will require surface mount assembly for the first process. Our SMT assembly line is in two parts to facilitate a continuous flow for double sided assembly. Each line has a printer, three placement machines, a reflow oven, and Automated Optical Inspection. The second section off this line, which accounts for the bulk of our SMT placements, is outfitted with printer, placer, and AOI that communicate and offset each other to correct defects without the interface of an operator. This is our first complete step into the Industry 4.0 application and best in class SMT equipment.

Thru-Hole assembly is a manual operation that is progressive and efficient where operators move instead of the assemblies. Our process is 25 % faster than traditional applications and almost 100% defect free. The soldering application can be either a wave solder process and/or selective soldering application. We have two wave systems in operation. Both are Technical Devices instruments with the lead-free system being the newest one going on-line this year. There are three selective solder systems for assemblies with designs not allowing for a wave application. These are simply automated hand soldering devices which solder under a nitrogen blanket for a better solder joint appearance. Our policy says if a solder joint looks good it might be good. If a solder joint looks bad it is bad. Our solder joints look great!

BBM Inc. offers a variety of value-add applications for the circuit board assembly process including an in-line water wash system, lead trimming, hand soldering, and depanelizing systems.