Automated Surface Mount Technology Delivers Accurate, Reliable Results

Broach Bilt Manufacturing, Inc. is located in McKinney, Texas, and we use surface mount technology (SMT) to develop electronic circuits. Our company continues to work with you through each step of the process once a product has been delivered to ensure its reliability. With this system in place, we are able to schedule timely deliveries and control product quality.

SMT Lines

We have fully-automated, high-speed, Phillips/Assembleon SMT lines, which have two production systems. The assemblies convey through one of two of our automated stencil printers, including the new Ekra Series X1, JOT conveyor systems, and Assembleon Topaz XII or Gemline Emerald and Topaz. The reflow process is completed by one of two top-of-the-line Heller convection ovens. The Phoenix PCB Inspector micro-focus x-ray system with BGA module and Mirtec automated optical inspections system (AOI) are added to provide a complete lineup of exceptional services.

Our Service

Broach Bilt Manufacturing, Inc. offers innovation in through-hole technology, with a progressive double slide line and two technical device wave solder machines. One machine is dedicated to lead-free assemblies, while the other is leaded only. Profiles are established for assemblies, saved by part number, and secured.

Electronic Circuits


The keys to our SMT success are automation and flexibility. Our first completely automated Assembleon line uses a topaz and emerald placement system. We also recently installed a new Heller 1809 (lead-free approved) nine-zone convection oven, as lead-free profiling requires controlled cooling temperatures.


Our second line is the Topaz XII, and this placement is the latest rendering from Assembleon. Placement ranges from 0201 to 45mm sq. component packages. This machine reaches placement speeds of 20,000 components per hour and conveyors to a Heller 1500 reflow oven, which helps eliminate operator handling errors